What does a consult cost?

We do not charge a consultation fee. If you decide to go ahead with your recommended treatment, we will work with you to arrange payment. Many of our custom made treatments are funded through government agencies or private insurance companies. Please refer to our funding information to see some of the agency’s we have relationships with.

What should I bring to my first visit?

  • A prescription, if you have one.
  • Your Ontario health card
  • Shorts (if we need to assess your knee)
  • Any other relevant information

What is a Certified Orthotist/Certified Prosthetist?

This is well described at the official website for Orthotics Prosthetics Canada (OPC). 

What does it mean to be “custom made”?

When something is custom made, it is made from a three dimensional model of your body. This model is called a negative cast. We then fill that negative cast with liquid plaster that will harden. This plaster positive cast is used to fabricate your custom made orthosis or prosthesis. Each orthosis or prosthesis is fabricated with the specific goals of the client in mind. This allows us to obtain the best possible results.

What is the difference between “custom made” and “custom fitted”?

Custom made is something made from a three dimensional model of your body (fully described above). A custom fitted orthosis is ordered from a catalog based on measurements of your body. This may need to be modified after the client has tried it on.

Do I need a prescription?

We like to work with your doctor or nurse practitioner when possible, it is helpful to have a prescription, however you do not have one before coming to see us. Often, we can do an assessment, make a recommendation and then write a letter to your doctor asking for the appropriate paperwork.

What happens the first time I visit Eagle Orthopaedics?

Our clinicians will do a detailed assessment to get an overall idea of your challenges. We will need a general medical history, a detailed clinical assessment and information regarding your goals. Once enough information has been gathered, we will discuss treatment recommendations. If you choose to go ahead with the recommended treatment, and the appropriate paperwork is organized, we will do a three dimensional shape capture of the body part in question. We will then book your follow up appointment.

Should my treatment hurt when I first get them?

It will take time to get used to your orthotic or prosthetic treatment, but there should not be any significant pain or discomfort that is new when you are wearing it. It is recommended to get used to your treatment gradually, and instructions will be provided when the treatment has been started. If you experience significant, new pain, discontinue use until you can come back for an adjustment. We do not usually charge for adjustments.

What is the warranty?

All custom designed items are guaranteed to fit for a minimum of 3 months, unless you have changed. The warranty for materials and workmanship is 6 months.

What do I do if something breaks on my orthosis?

If your orthosis or prosthesis breaks, please stop using it, and do not attempt home repairs. Call us as soon as possible to make arrangements for repair. If it is past the warrantee, there may be a charge.